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As an attempt what the folks behind the scenes are up to here at Access Humboldt we'll be updating this with the status of projects we're working on. Here's a list of a few things the tech's behind Access Humboldt are working on.

-Managing channels: What was once ACAT(Arcata Community Access Television) became APEG and is now Access Humboldt. And what was once only Suddenlink(Formerly COX)Channel 12 now includes Channels 8(Educ8 - Educational), 10(Civic 10 - Governments), 11(AH11 - Public Programming), and 12(AH12 - Public Programming). We've been working hard to migrate these channels from their previous physical location at the Judo Hut, next to the Crabs field in Arcata to Eureka High School. Click here to learn more about our transition and technologies being used to bring you your communities voices.

-Web Developement: Access Humboldt is dedicated to providing the communities voices in as many ways as possible. With the Internet becoming so prevelent in everyday life and so many homes now relying on it as they're one the primary ways to ingest information and entertainment we feel it is in the interest of the community to provide programming online. We are working on several big projects and partners across the nation to provide a national network of community based programming. Click here to learn more about our online initiatives.

-PEG(Public, Education, Government) Fiber Network: Across our region Access Humboldt is connected to 18 locations via a fiber optic network. Access Humboldt has been working hard with Suddenlink to create and manage a IP based fiber optic network to broadcast audio and video across the community from Blue Lake to Rio Dell and many locations within. Learn more here.